Unemployment in 16-24 year olds Expected to Increase

Office of National Statistic’s (ONS) has released worrying new employment rates for 16-24 years and highlights that youth unemployment is increasing. Coupled with the furlough scheme coming to a close at the start of October we’re worried what impact that will have on our local community.  

What does this mean for Vee’s place and the area we serve? 

At Vee’s place we provide positive activities for a lot of young people, this is often light touch (offering a safe place to relax and meet people) but we also offer activities and interventions focussing on unemployment and mental health. 

Sadly, Prescot and Whiston rate of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants stood at 9.9%, which is higher than the Knowsley average of 8.7%. Knowsley already has the second highest rate of ESA claimants in England, so our  community is likely to be disproportionally effected by the pandemic and we need to act now to avoid a generation of problems.

Rob, Trustee at Vees Place said “The deprivation of our community has been apparent for over a decade and this pandemic is going to have long lasting affect on the individuals in this area. Our young people are vibrant and add so much to our community but educational achievement levels in Prescot and Whiston at GCSE results are below national levels. If you consider the loss of classes and school closures, children in this area are going to be left behind. Here at Vees Place we offer a suite of positive activities and have lots of opportunities to inspire our youth community.”

Chairperson Vee added “All the data and signs are there that we face a significant challenge ahead of us, and we’re expecting a surge of individuals seeking employment skills workshops, benefits advice and support for social isolation. Our doors will always be open and we hope to offer a series of online webinars and mentoring schemes for young people in the near future”. 

If you’re interested in expanding your skills, recently been made unemployed, need advice or worried about your prospect than contact us. Vee’s Place offers a range of services that is bespoke and unique to your needs.