Vee's Place

Vee's Story

In 2002, Vee retired from work. Living alone with Chronic Depression, Vee started to struggle. With little support in the Knowsley district to support and manage her mental health, Vee set up a weekly get together in her local leisure centre for the community to meet and talk. Over the last two decades Vee’s Place has jumped from strength to strength. Vee’s Place is currently situated in a church building in Prescot and has library facilities, a kitchen, occupational therapy, a gym and many more exciting activities happening inside. 

Vees Place makes a significant improvement in the lives of vulnerable people living in Prescott and Whiston by tackling directly the problems they face. After 16 years of dedicated service to the area she was awarded by the Prime Minister in 2018. Her story has inspired hundreds of people across Knowsley and her timeless efforts to support others has made Vees Place the vibrant centre it is today.

“Vee’s Place is a place to turn to in a time of crisis. When an individual walks through those doors we listen and see what we can do. It’s as simple as that”. Vee