Our mission...

To provide a safe and nurturing place for vulnerable people to access support, information and guidance so that they can begin to tackle the problems they face. Our community is great, and we work with our community to improve their quality of life, support them to engage in positive activities and lead fulfilled lives.

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About us

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Vision & Objectives

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Annual visitors
% with poor health
% poor mental health
% improved outcomes

What Else do we provide?

  • Health & Wellbeing Sessions
  • Crochet Classes
  • Yoga & Life Exercises
  • ICT Suite Facilities
  • Tea Room
  • Rooms for Hire
  • Wednesday Lunch Club: 12pm - 3pm
  • Friday Discount Shop (Food, Toys, Clothing, Books): 11am - 3pm

What we've done in the past?

  • Weekly job club & family history
  • Vocational & non vocational training sessions
  • Cop shop hot desk per week
  • Social & Recreational sessions including pool, gym, sewing & more
  • A base for local recycling projects
  • Holiday & out of school clubs
  • Transport - Minibus available
  • Cater for veterans & forces families
  • Discount food (when available)
  • Music & cookery lessons

What our visitors say...

Wonderful! Amazing lady, amazing place. Much needed, there should be one of these in every town.


I've been able to work with people again. Sitting down, learn about other people's problems, not just thinking about my own. This place has been a lifeline for me.


Amazing lady and a great atmosphere. Vee loves to help anyone and everyone and is really an asset to the community.